The 233-269 High Street Archive is an ongoing project to research, document and respond to recent and historic changes around a particular block on Cheltenham’s Lower High Street, as it undergoes redevelopment. The 233-269 High Street Archive is being exhibited at The Wilson Art Gallery & Museum, Cheltenham from January to February 2016, and hand-bound publication of photographs and archive material is available to purchase. A symposium discussing who and what the 21st High Street is for takes place on 12th February 2016.

Contributors to the project: Sarah Bowden (curator); Mike Ward (photography); Lucy Gresley (archive); Elaine Fisher (artist-in-residence); Will Lindley (artist-in-residence); Vicky Hodgson (video); Naomi Mulligan (narration); Ira Hoffecker (painting and sculpture); Tony Clancy (video); Lauren Bridges (photography); Jon Andriessen (audio and website); Andrew Morrison (publication design and print)

We are grateful to the many people who have assisted in the research and production of the project: Cheltenham Local & Family History Centre; Louise Clough at University of Gloucestershire Archives Office; Gloucestershire Archives; Steven Blake; The Wilson Art Gallery & Museum; Chie Konishi and ‘Centred for the Cotswolds’; MEANTIME Project-Space; Ashley Benson Wilson; Vickie & Lyndon Godding at Smokey Joe’s, Adrian Purser, Liam Phelps and his son, Jazz & Swing Cheltenham and the Joynes family.

The 233-269 High Street Archive was supported by Cheltenham Community Pride 2014.