Collated by Lucy Gresley

(From the Pates School Archive)

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(Copyright Goerge Rowe’s Illustrated Cheltenham Guide, 1845, A Sutton, 1991)

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Photo collage of Lower High St before 1967


The corner of Lower High St and St George’s St looking east. On the left is drapers James Dicks and Sons. The Pates Grammar School tower can be seen in the centre. Circa 1895.

1957 demolition of Public Conveniences – Dick’s Corner? St George’s Sq.


The proprietor of United Demolition, Doug Auchterloni, the company that demolished the Victorian Pates Grammar School in 1967. In this photo he stands amidst the rubble of the old retort housing at Tewkesbury Road gasworks which was demolished in 1965.


View of the Lower High St taken in 2000 by Sue Brasher as part of a series of photos in the Millenium year. Compared to images from the 1950s it shows fewer small businesses and more charity shops.


Circa 1960, this is a handmade montage of several buildings on the Lower High St with the Fleece Hotel on the left. Original photos have been mounted onto board.


This aerial photo shows the brewey site and other buildings between Henrietta St and Bennington St.


A rare etching (source unknown) showing shops in the market arcade circa 1830. This row, leading to the Market House, was demolished in the 1870s and Bennington St occupies its location.